CTA Tools 2470 3 Piece Oil Change Kit

CTA Tools 2470 3 Piece Oil Change Kit

Are you tired of spending hours on oil changes? Look no further! Introducing the CTA Tools 2470 3 Piece Oil Change Kit, the ultimate solution for quick and easy oil changes. With this kit, you can say goodbye to messy and time-consuming oil changes forever.

Efficient and Convenient

With the CTA Tools 2470 3 Piece Oil Change Kit, changing your vehicle’s oil has never been easier. This kit includes all the essential tools you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The kit includes a drain pan, an oil filter wrench, and a funnel, ensuring a hassle-free oil change experience.

Drain Pan

The drain pan included in the kit is designed to catch and contain the old oil, preventing any spills or messes. Its large capacity ensures that you can easily drain the oil without the need for multiple trips to empty the pan. Made from durable materials, the drain pan is built to last and withstand the rigors of regular oil changes.

Oil Filter Wrench

The oil filter wrench included in the kit is specifically designed to fit a wide range of oil filters. Its adjustable design allows for a secure grip on the filter, ensuring easy removal and installation. With this wrench, you can effortlessly change the oil filter without any hassle.


The funnel included in the kit makes pouring new oil into your vehicle a breeze. Its wide opening and long spout ensure a smooth and mess-free oil refill. The funnel is also easy to clean, making it convenient for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Is the drain pan leak-proof?
  2. A: Yes, the drain pan is designed to be leak-proof, preventing any oil spills or messes.

  3. Q: Can the oil filter wrench fit all types of oil filters?
  4. A: The oil filter wrench is adjustable and can fit a wide range of oil filters, making it suitable for most vehicles.

  5. Q: Is the funnel easy to clean?
  6. A: Yes, the funnel is easy to clean and can be reused for future oil changes.


The CTA Tools 2470 3 Piece Oil Change Kit is the ultimate solution for hassle-free oil changes. With its efficient and convenient tools, you can easily and quickly change your vehicle’s oil, saving time and money. Say goodbye to messy oil changes and hello to a seamless oil change experience with the CTA Tools 2470 3 Piece Oil Change Kit.