Celestite Crystal Grid Stones

Celestite Crystal Grid Stones

Are you looking to enhance your crystal grid with the power of Celestite? Look no further! Our set of 8 small rough Celestite stones is perfect for creating a beautiful and powerful crystal grid. Each stone is carefully selected for its quality and energy, and comes with a luxurious velour pouch for easy storage and transportation.

Benefits of Celestite

Celestite is known for its calming and uplifting energy, making it perfect for meditation and spiritual healing. It is also believed to promote peace and harmony, making it a great addition to any crystal grid focused on these intentions.

Key Features

  • Set of 8 small rough Celestite stones
  • Perfect for creating a crystal grid
  • Calming and uplifting energy
  • Luxurious velour pouch for storage

How to Use

To use the Celestite stones in your crystal grid, simply place them in the desired pattern along with your other crystals. You can also hold them during meditation or place them in your living space to benefit from their energy.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I use these stones for healing?

A: Yes, Celestite is often used for spiritual and emotional healing.

Q: How big are the stones?

A: Each stone is approximately 1-2 inches in size.

Q: Can I carry these stones with me?

A: Absolutely! The velour pouch makes it easy to carry the stones with you wherever you go.


Enhance your crystal grid and bring peace and harmony into your life with our Celestite crystal grid stones. Whether you’re a seasoned crystal enthusiast or just starting out, these stones are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their spiritual practice.