MT-VIKI 4K Video Wall Controller 2×2

MT-VIKI 4K Video Wall Controller 2×2

Large Screen Splicing:

This 2X2 Video Wall Splice supports 1 HDMI input and 4 HDMI outputs. The main function is to divide a complete HDMI high-definition image signal into 4 blocks and assign them to 4 video display units, such as rear projection units, LCD TVs, etc. Complete a large dynamic image screen composed of 4 HDMI high-definition video display units.

Variety Of Splicing Methods:

Support multiple splicing, support splicing 2X1/3X1/4X1/1X2/1X3/1X4/2X2. The video wall controller is powered by 12V, with over-current protection and stable performance. (UK Plug Power Supply)

4K UHD Output:

Support input and output resolution up to 4K@30Hz, also supports backward compatibility like 1080p/720. Compatible with Computer, laptop, set-top box, DVD player, PS3/4 can all be the perfect signal sources.

Easy to switch & use:

Two ways for switching: Panel button & IR remote. Plug and play, easy to operate. No driver needed.

High-Performance Video Wall Controller:

The video wall splicer is made of metal material, which is anti-interference, corrosion-resistant, and has dense heat dissipation holes on the side, which can effectively dissipate heat, improve machine performance, and have a long service life.

MT-VIKI provides 1 year warranty and lifetime tech support. Please feel free to contact us.