Mastela Baby Rocker Green – Product Description

Mastela Baby Rocker Green

Introducing the Mastela Baby Rocker Green, a portable and cozy chair designed to keep your baby entertained and comfortable. With its fun accessories and unique features, this rocker is perfect for newborns up to toddlers.


Two-Position Setting

The Mastela Baby Rocker Green offers a unique two-position setting, allowing you to adjust the chair according to your baby’s needs. Whether your little one wants to sit up and play or recline and relax, this rocker has got you covered.

Secure and Stationary

Equipped with an adjustable 3-point harness, the Mastela Baby Rocker Green ensures that your baby stays secure and safe while enjoying their time in the chair. The chair is also locked into a stationary position, providing stability and preventing any accidental tipping.

Melodies and Soothing Vibration

To calm and soothe your baby, this rocker features 12 melodies and a soothing vibration function. The gentle vibrations create a comforting sensation, while the melodies provide a delightful auditory experience for your little one.


The Mastela Baby Rocker Green comes with removable accessories that make it easy to access your baby. Whether you need to change their diaper or simply want to interact with them, the removable accessories allow for convenient and hassle-free interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the recommended age for using the Mastela Baby Rocker Green?

The Mastela Baby Rocker Green is suitable for use from birth onwards. It can be enjoyed by newborns, infants, and toddlers.

2. Is the Mastela Baby Rocker Green easy to transport?

Yes, the Mastela Baby Rocker Green has a portable design, making it easy to transport and use in different areas of your home or even when traveling.

3. Can the Mastela Baby Rocker Green be used as a feeding chair?

No, the Mastela Baby Rocker Green is not designed to be used as a feeding chair. It is primarily intended for playtime and relaxation.


The Mastela Baby Rocker Green is a versatile and convenient chair that provides comfort, entertainment, and security for your baby. With its unique features, removable accessories, and soothing functions, this rocker is a must-have for parents looking to keep their little ones happy and content.