Modern TV Floor Stand – Product Description

Modern TV Floor Stand – Product Description

Introducing the Modern TV Floor Stand, a universal TV mount with 180掳 swivel and a corner artistic easel design. This TV easel is compatible with 47-65 inch flat and curved screens. It features a smooth 181掳 swivel for the best viewing experience and a streamlined cable threading system for easy cable management. The stand also has solid beech detachable wood legs with non-slip furniture padding to protect your flooring. With a secure lock and easy installation, this TV stand is perfect for any home or temporary outdoor use.


The Modern TV Floor Stand is designed to fit 47, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 inch flat and curved TV and monitor screens. The all-metal mounting bracket can hold up to 99lbs. The VESA (distances between the holes at the back of your screen) ranges from 200×200 to 600×400. The dimensions of the stand are: Height: 54.5″, Width: 34.6″, Depth: 16.5″.

Smooth 181掳 Swivel

Achieve the best viewing experience and avoid glare with the smooth 181掳 swivel feature of the Modern TV Floor Stand. The tripod design matches the contemporary style of your home, making it suitable for any room including the living room, bedroom, studio, or office. The portability of this monitor floor stand also makes it ideal for temporary outdoor use in your yard or patio.

Streamlined Cable Threading System

The Modern TV Floor Stand comes with a built-in integrated cable management system. This allows for easy cable threading and keeps cords out of the way and out of view. Not only does this function provide a clean and organized look, but it also ensures that your cables will remain in pristine condition, resulting in sharp picture quality and a pleasurable viewing experience.

Protect Flooring

The Modern TV Floor Stand features solid beech detachable wood legs with a walnut finish. Each leg is designed with non-slip furniture padding to prevent slipping, create stability for your television, and protect your flooring from scruffs, scratches, and damages. You can confidently place this TV stand on any type of flooring without worrying about any potential damage.

Secure Lock & Easy Installation

The Modern TV Floor Stand is equipped with a secure locking system and a simple release mechanism. This allows for easy installation, adjustment, or removal of your display from the stand without any hassle. The stand comes with an easy-to-understand manual that includes demonstrative images to illustrate the exact steps needed to achieve your perfect viewing experience. With its easy assembly process, you can quickly set up your TV stand and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies.