PCP Hand Pump – High Pressure Hands Pumps for Cars

PCP Hand Pump – High Pressure Hands Pumps for Cars

Are you tired of spending money on expensive air compressors to fill up your car tires? Look no further! Introducing the PCP Hand Pump, the ultimate solution for inflating your car tires with ease. With its high pressure capabilities and convenient features, this hand pump is a must-have for every car owner.

Key Features

1. High Pressure Performance

The PCP Hand Pump is designed to deliver high pressure air up to 30mpa (4500psi), ensuring quick and efficient inflation of your car tires. Say goodbye to long waiting times at gas stations or the hassle of finding a nearby air compressor.

2. Stainless Steel Tube

Constructed with a durable stainless steel tube, this hand pump is built to last. The stainless steel material provides excellent resistance to corrosion and ensures the longevity of the pump, making it a reliable tool for all your inflation needs.

3. Oil Water Filter

The PCP Hand Pump is equipped with an oil water filter, which helps to remove impurities and ensure clean air is delivered to your tires. This filter prevents any potential damage to your car’s tire valve or internal components, giving you peace of mind during the inflation process.

4. Foldable Pedals

For added convenience, this hand pump features foldable pedals. These pedals provide stability and support while pumping, allowing you to exert less effort and achieve faster inflation. When not in use, simply fold the pedals for easy storage and portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the PCP Hand Pump for other inflatable items?

A: Yes, the PCP Hand Pump can be used for inflating various items such as sports balls, inflatable toys, and air mattresses. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of inflation needs.

Q: Is the PCP Hand Pump easy to use?

A: Absolutely! The PCP Hand Pump is designed for user-friendly operation. Simply attach the pump to your car tire valve, fold out the pedals, and start pumping. The built-in pressure gauge allows you to monitor the inflation progress easily.

Q: How compact is the PCP Hand Pump?

A: The PCP Hand Pump is designed to be compact and portable. When folded, it measures only X inches in length, making it easy to store in your car trunk or carry with you on your outdoor adventures.


The PCP Hand Pump is the perfect solution for car owners who want a reliable and convenient way to inflate their tires. With its high pressure performance, stainless steel tube, oil water filter, and foldable pedals, this hand pump offers everything you need for quick and efficient inflation. Say goodbye to expensive air compressors and hello to the PCP Hand Pump!