Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray – Product Description

Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray

Discover the elegance and functionality of the Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray. This exquisite tray measures 65X34cm and features a convenient handle for easy carrying. Made with the utmost attention to detail, this British made product is of exceptional quality.

Special Tarnish Resistant Finish

The Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray is designed with a special tarnish resistant finish. This unique feature ensures that the tray remains protected and maintains its stunning appearance for a long time. Say goodbye to the hassle of regular silver polishing, as this tray never needs it.

Good Quality British Made Product

When you purchase the Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray, you can be confident in its superior quality. Crafted with precision and care, this tray is a testament to British craftsmanship. It is built to last and withstand everyday use, making it a reliable addition to your home.

Packed in Picture Box

The Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray comes neatly packed in a picture box. This not only ensures its safe delivery but also adds a touch of luxury to the unboxing experience. Whether you are purchasing it for yourself or as a gift, the packaging enhances the overall presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the tray suitable for serving food?

    Yes, the Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray is food-safe and perfect for serving a variety of dishes. Its spacious size allows you to present an array of appetizers, desserts, or even a full meal.

  • Can the tray be used outdoors?

    While the tray is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be used outdoors on a calm day. However, it is recommended to avoid exposing it to harsh weather conditions to maintain its longevity.

  • How do I clean the tray?

    The special tarnish resistant finish of the tray eliminates the need for silver polish. Simply wipe it clean with a soft cloth or sponge using mild soap and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing brushes that may damage the surface.


Elevate your serving experience with the Queen Anne Large Oblong Tray. Its exquisite design, special tarnish resistant finish, and British craftsmanship make it a standout product. Whether you use it for entertaining guests or as a decorative piece, this tray is sure to impress. Invest in this high-quality British made product and enjoy its beauty and functionality for years to come.